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Ask Frank

11 August 2015

One of the most thoughtful rowing men I have ever known was the late Frank Cunningham. There is a new compilation of his writings coming out called Ask Frank.

For more information, go to:

Proceeds go to the Francis Cunningham Memorial Fund.

For Heaven's Sake!

7 August 2015

Joan Lind Van Blom has entered hospice. We all have known for two years now that something like this was probably coming. But it has hardly seemed real, for we all have known that if there is anybody on Earth who deserves to live forever it is surely Joan.

And she will. In our hearts.

I have known Joan for most of my life, starting in August of 1972 in Hannover, West Germany, but in all the years since we have only run into each other now and again, at the boathouse, at regattas . . . unless we made a special effort to meet.

Bad Dream

30 April 2015

I had a dream last night. A bad one. Woke me right up. It was 1989, and my San Diego Rowing Club teammates and I were training for the Masters’ National Championships in the Over-35 Coxed-Fours event.

All of us had already been rowing for decades by then, and we trained mostly in singles so it was easy for me to coach the others as they rowed beside me.

But nobody was coaching me!

The Last Word! I promise!

16 March 2015

I promised myself not to get sucked into another fruitless discussion, but my esteemed contrarian colleague from a couple of days ago was by no means satisfied by my response to him in my most recent newsletter, so here goes one LAST response:


Hello Peter,

You're not getting away with that so easily! This is an abstract from literature review and a study that was performed on the New Zealand Olympic team:

Position of peak force

To Schub or Not to Schub . . .

15 March 2015

Oh my! My last newsletter elicited quite a response!

First, let’s get some historical perspective:

Legendary IRA-winning University of Wisconsin Men’s Coach Randy Jablonic:

Dear Peter,

I'm curious as to which style of stroke you think might have been used by the ‘50s crews who rowed a mighty 29-30 stroke per minute as contrasted to the Karl Adam influence of awesome 38+++ strokes per minute?



Cornell Oarsman, later 1966 World Champion Men’s Single Sculler, Don Spero:


Look! A Message in a Bottle!

13 March 2015

I recently received the email below from the head boys’ coach at Buckingham, Brown & Nichols School in Cambridge, Massachusetts USA. I have asked his permission to answer his request through my newsletter.


Hi, Peter,

Book review

3 March 2015

Several times a year I am asked by authors and publishers to review, proof and fact-check an upcoming rowing book.

While I was researching The Sport of Rowing, my good friend and muse, Ted Nash, would often remind me, “Now you must get this right, Peter. Books last centuries, and once we’re gone what you have written will become the truth for future generations. That’s a big responsibility.”

Rowperfect RowingChat Podcast

1 February 2015

Here is the link to the podcast of rowperfect's recent RowingChat with yours truly. Enjoy.

Many thanks to everyone at rowperfect. I had great fun!


22 January 2015

My good friends at RowperfectUK ( sponsor a series of online webinars/podcasts with leading rowing coaches, athletes and coxswains from around the world. They call it RowingChat, and I love the name because it is a direct reference to the writings of Steve Fairbairn, which I recently edited as a Kindle book in four volumes.

"Using a LIVE online channel, RowingChat opens up the wealth of knowledge offered by leading rowing and coaching experts for you. We always record the webinar and attendees get a recording afterwards."

In Remembrance

15 January 2015

John Murray Phelps, Jr.

April 21, 1953 – January 11, 2015