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The Future of Rowing Books

15 December 2013

I have been called a fuddy duddy by more than one person for refusing to release The Sport of Rowing as an ebook. "Guilty as charged, your Honor!" It seems to me that that particular book of mine would only work as I intended it if all four volumes are spread out on the table in front of you . . . and a sturdy table at that!

A Fitting Tribute to . . . What Was His Name Again?

13 December 2013

Life tends to press ever forward. Too few people ever glance into the rear-view mirror of history.

At the memorial reception for Allen Rosenberg this week in Philadelphia, the people who attended were mainly those who knew Allen personally, now mostly old gray-haired guys talking about their upcoming ablations, myself included. Where were all of today's coaches paying their respects? Don’t they realize that most of them are coaching the Rosenberg Style?

My Goodness!

9 December 2013

My goodness!

On a personal level, I find myself smiling a big smile in the wake of Allen Rosenberg’s passing. It provides a more than a moment for us all to reflect again on the positive contributions that this extraordinary man has made to each of our lives. What a generous and congenial man!

But don’t get me wrong! I know he’s gone and we are only supposed to speak fondly of the departed, and Allen Rosenberg was always a gentleman . . . but he was far less often a gentle man. He was a wolf in a three-piece suit.

I Have Two Words for You!

1 December 2013

With Christmas on the horizon, I have two words for you! Steve! Fairbairn!

Yes, that most fascinating, most frustrating, most stimulating of rowing coaches who ever lived! The first volume of his collected works is now available for the first time in 60 years, available as an eBook for just $9.99. One might say, "Cheap at twice the price!" and it would be the understatement of the century!

A Little Bit Longer . . .

27 October 2013

The last week or so has been memorable for me. Yesterday my Loyola Marymount University Men’s Crew traveled north to Sacramento to compete in the Head of the American, a regatta I had never been to before.

I got the chance to speak to quite a few of my high school recruits for admission next fall. Bright faces, big smiles. A lot of fine young men planning on applying to LMU Early Action in just four days.

Pinch Me!

14 October 2013

Last week, Susan and I traveled to De Koninklijke Amsterdamsche Roei- en Zeilvereeniging 'De Hoop' [The Royal Amsterdam Rowing and Sailing Association "Hope"] along the Amstel River in Amsterdam to meet with just a few of the many friends we made during the seven years of research I did for The Sport of Rowing.

Fibonacci Spiral

30 September 2013

I know I have been neglecting my blog while I have been coaching during the last month and more, and many of you have been reminding me. "When will we hear from you again? We miss you."

Well, things have indeed been percolating in the back of my little pea brain, and they rose right to the surface just the other day as I attended a meeting on the Loyola Marymount University campus. Look at the guy in front of me . . . look at the hair on his head. [photo sadly missing from this archive]

Ashes Enough . . .

20 August 2013

Today deserves a short, heartfelt blog. Those of you who have been to Old Oar Cottage up in the BelAir hills know it is nearly full of old oars, myself included . . . and just as nearly full of adopted dogs and cats. Susan has been rescuing homeless animals all her life, a passion passed on from her mother. Eleven years ago she rescued me and my son, Philip, and since then I have added my own lifelong passion for animals to hers.

Mallory Mallory

1 August 2013

When my son was in high school, he had a crush for a while on a girl named Mallory Somethingorother. Thank heavens she didn’t reciprocate . . . because I’m not sure the Universe could have survived if it had contained, even for a moment, a person named Mallory Mallory. Boggles the mind, don’t you think?

How could such a travesty occur? Philip tells me it goes back to a female character on the 1980s tv sitcom Family Ties. Musta missed that one. Too old. Too young. Something like that . . .

Fighting the Last War

14 July 2103

With the Tour de France ending on le Mont Ventoux today, I am thinking of my son, Philip. Here is a photo (sadly missing from this archive) of the two of us on the summit of the Giant of Provence in 2002 on the day before that year's Tour came through. (Between our waists that's a tractor trailer bringing up the finish line paraphenalia for the race the next day.)

Appropriately, the following is a guest blog from my grown-up son, LTJG Philip Mallory USN, rowing coach at Granby High School in Norfolk, VA: