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Harry Parker Lives On!

6 July 2013

To my fellow Quakers from the University of Pennsylvania and to friends and admirers of Harry Parker around the world:

I feel a cold wind at the back of my neck . . .

25 June 2013

I will leave it to others to wax more poetic than I ever could about the unparalleled life and times of Harry Parker, now passed on to a higher plane.

I Cried Repeatedly, Heartily, Unashamedly . . .

16 June 2013

I have been very busy traveling this last month, talking to coaches and recruiting athletes for LMU, so it has been a few weeks since I last wrote you a blog. Now I have several percolating in the back of my little pea brain, but I cannot delay another day, even another minute, before I tell you about the marvelous book I just finished.

A couple of weeks ago I received from Viking Press a pre-publication copy of THE BOYS IN THE BOAT, Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest of Gold at the 1936 Olympics for me to review.

On Odd Response . . .

17 May 2013

My knees hurt. I went for a long bike ride the other day, and my 67-year-old knees still hurt. The season is over, and it is time to turn some of my energy and attention to other things, like getting back into better shape. I should ride again today, but I feel the need to write this blog. An erg will have to do. The bike can wait until tomorrow.

In Their Own Words . . .

1 May 2013

Lake Natoma, Rancho Cordova, Califorina

Western Intercollegiate Rowing Championships
Men's Novice Coxed-Fours

Saturday, 26 April, 2013

Heats Results:
1 LMU 7:05.9, 2 PLU 7:17.4, 3 SPU 7:22.4, 4 WWU 7:29..0, 5 UCLA 7:29.3, 6 CHAP 7:41.5, USC 7:45.3
1 L&C 7:21.3, 2 CAL MAR 7:25.8, 3 SCU 7:29.8, 4 SON 7:36.7, 5 SCSU 7:37.3, 6 SEA 7:50.1
1 OCC 7:20.5, 2 USD 7:21.6, 3 UCSB 7:40.8, 4 CAL 7:46.7, 5 WSU 8:01.8, 6 UCD 9:01.1

Sunday, 27 April, 2013

With Apologies to Agatha Christie

10 April 2013

What does it take to get a small college men’s varsity eight into the second-level and eventually the grand final of the American Specialty Health Cal Cup at the San Diego Crew Classic? The competition has spoken yet again, as if we needed to be reminded. It takes bodies, and it takes time. We are working on the bodies, and time has a way of taking care of itself.

Ayling Oar Update

1 April 2013

Remember my vintage Ayling oars with the bikini lines? Well, the months of exposure to the California sun have continued to speed by, and the shafts are now almost but not quite even in color, almost but not quite ready for me to put on the last coats of spar varnish and move on to the next step.

It helps to have been coaching so hard these last few months. Normally I wouldn’t be nearly this patient with a project. By the time I’m done, these oars may well have taken more than a year to complete.

Ode to Losing

26 March 2013

I’m not a big fan of losing, and I have worked very hard during my rowing and coaching careers to make sure I have not had to do much of it. But it does me good at this particular moment in my life to remind myself that losing is in my DNA. Losing is precisely how I began!

Contest Winner

26 March 2013

Remember my contest to identify all the pictures in my rowing history collage?

Here are the correct answers:

Row 1: Sylvester Rice, John Biglin, Charles Courtney Pump-Handle Stroke, Janus Ooms, Ralph Treadway, William H. Howell, Steve Fairbairn, Gilbert Bourne (self portrait), Ran Laurie, Gerd Vӧls

Row 2: Kerry Ashby, Tom Neumeier, Yuri Tyukalov, Harry Parker, Sy Cromwell, Boyce Budd, Ian Gardiner, Curt Canning, Jim Dietz, Dick Cashin

Help Wanted

12 March 2013

Volunteer Assistant Coach

As the brand new Head Coach of the Loyola Marymount University Men’s Crew in western Los Angeles, California, I would like to announce worldwide that I am looking for a volunteer assistant coach for the 2013-14 academic year.