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The Rhythm of Life

7 March 2013

Frank Cunningham 1922-2013

"To learn the quickness and spontaneity that characterizes good sculling, spend some time watching animals. From them you can learn the grace that comes from their economy of movement and their complete reliance on their senses."

Oh, my!

As one door closes, another opens . . .


On the Freeway to Hurt City

3 February 2013

Yesterday the Loyola Marymount University Men’s Crew had its first competitive outing under my leadership. It was the Beach Sprints, a Concept2 satellite ergometer race in Long Beach, California. My message to my crew:

Team –

Oh, my goodness! That was SO much fun! To see each of you bravely tackle your 2k today, many of you for the first time ever, to see you do it in public with such style and competence, to receive the compliments of so many spectators, it was all so much fun for me. Thank you SO much!

Well, That Was a No-Brainer!

27 January 2013

Isn’t this terrific! Today I get to write about two of my favorite rowing websites, three actually because I kind of like my own website as well.

"I can't do much about the face."

11 January 2013

Periodically, I get to welcome a bunch of new members to my international newsletter/blog. Today it is the Men’s Varsity Crew from Loyola Marymount University. Now and again I muse in writing about one topic or another. Most of the time it’s rowing-related, like today.


The Gentleman's Eight

18 December 2012

I just got an email question from one of my novice coxswains, and I believe the answer may be worth sharing worldwide.

Hi coach,
Is there anything specific you want us coxswains to be working on over break? I know in the past from when I raced track I tend to build up a lot of muscle/weight in my quads from running and want to make sure I stay the weight I am right now but still be in proper shape. Any suggestions you might have would be much appreciated!

Coxswains -

I am speaking to all of you as I answer Natasha's questions.

Bikini Lines from Old Oar Cottage

15 December 2012

What with my new coaching responsibilities, I have not spent quite as much time working on or writing about my vintage oars. Time to give you an update.

Responsibility Muscles

13 December 2012

This newsletter is written to my new extended family, the Loyola Marymount University Men’s Novice Crew, but I thought I’d share it with all my newsletter readers. Comments encouraged. Enjoy.

Because I Say So

Over the last six weeks or so I have told you that certain concepts must be accepted and certain things must be done in certain ways, in the boat, out of the boat, in life . . . and that has often proved remarkably difficult for you as a group to do or even to accept. Sometimes you look at me as if I were speaking gibberish.

Stocking Stuffers

23 November 2012

I continue to get inquiries from around the world concerning my recent book, The Sport of Rowing, especially with Christmas coming.

“I’ve heard about it. What’s the big deal?” Go to and click on the Reviews tab. I will let others speak on behalf on my four-volume 2,500 page work. You can also read selected portions on the website at the Excerpts tab and then make up your own mind.

“Will there be another printing?” No. So sorry.

A Parable for Rowers

21 November 2012

It is the American holiday of Thanksgiving, and I am taking the occasion to savor all the things I have to be thankful for. There are a lot, but I’ll stick to one particular rowing-related one in this newsletter.

I have begun coaching again!

Oh, my! After seven years spent writing my book about the past of our sport, it feels so good to return to the world of the present!

Mark My Words!

13 October 2012

Mike Spracklen, now a man temporarily without a country, was recently let go by Rowing Canada Aviron after multiple World Championships and Olympic Golds. Plenty of great people have already spoken out forcefully in Mike's favor, and some have spoken out against him. Those who were actually coached by Mike have way more right to do so than I. With his participation and with the participation of a cross section of his athletes, I merely chronicled a bit of his extraordinary career in my recent book, and in the process we have become friends.