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1 October 2012


For anyone who does not believe in the Theory of Evolution, take a close look at this photo from the Cal boathouse. I can only hypothesize that the building was hit by a lightning bolt in the middle of the night. It must have generated exactly 1.21 gigawatts of electricity, hitting some ergometers inside, two Concept2s beside a couple of the old, much feared/beloved Gamut ergometers of my youth, and the result was the Gamut2, a weird hybrid not unlike the classic American jackalope.

One Man's Take on the 2012 Olympic Rowing

20 August 2012

(To my new friends from Craftsbury Sculling Camp, welcome to my newsletter! Thanks for a wonderful week!)

Au Contraire!

Susan and I have been back in the States from our trip to the London Olympic Rowing for a couple of weeks now, and I have been receiving quite a number of emails from longtime newsletter recipients impatient to receive my personal reactions and reflections, several adding some version of “Too bad about the poor showing of the American crews at Eton-Dorney.” My response? “Au contraire!”

Make the Boat Sing

23 July 2012

A recent email from my good friend, Gennadii Ochkalenko:

Hi Peter,

How are you, where you now?

I have read some material about Italian shot putter Assunta Lenyante. She was 2008 Olympian and has occupied 8th place. Then she had her visual problems and now she will participate in 2012 Paralympic Games as Paralympian, 4 years later after her Olympic start. This fact is placed as the unique sports case in the Olympic history.

Summer Breeze

9 July 2012

Facebook, at last . . .

I recently broke down and finally joined Facebook in order to try to locate some more of my Western Sprints Champion 1974 Cal State Long Beach Crew (shown below at Burnaby Lake, British Columbia, with our mascot, Jayvee) in preparation for our planned 40th Reunion, but alas, I’m still trying to get the hang of things, and I have come up empty so far. Anybody know why "Get Timeline" stays grayed out when I press it?

Eccentricity Abounds!

22 June 2012

The description of my ongoing project to restore historic oars has yielded a number of great responses, including:

Peter -

Eccentricity abounds. [A photo of a beautiful New Hampshire loft] Empacher double, 7 sets of sculling oars, Cambridge Boat Club flag. Not visible: Sy's Pocock blades used in Diamonds win.

Best, Gail [Pierson Cromwell, member of the 1975 World Silver Medal Red Rose Crew and widow of 1964 Olympic Sculling Silver Medalist Seymour Cromwell]


9 April 2011

[Sorry. This newsletter is appearing a bit out of chronological order.]

What does every rower want? Don’t believe them unless they tell you they want to go faster. Faster than they went yesterday. Faster than the boat beside them. The eternal question is how does one do that?

I began asking myself that more than half a century ago. Actually, that’s not quite right. I began asking other people, for it never occurred to me that the answer might lie within me.

Henley is Coming!

21 June 2012

Henley is Coming!!

The Henley Royal Regatta is about to begin. How I envy everyone who can be there this year! No need to advise you about the dress code or the Pimm’s and champagne, but I do want to mention and re-mention and mention again a couple of particularly important places that you must visit, and both are just a short walk from the regatta site.

Richard Way Booksellers

Musings From Old Oar Cottage

16 June 2012

National Federation Donations

When I offered for presale the numbered, signed and dedicated limited collector edition of The Sport of Rowing, I promised to donate 10% of the proceeds to the national rowing federation of the country of residence of each purchaser. A few days ago I sent out the last seven checks to seven countries on three continents, and that was a very satisfying moment for me as the world prepares for the 2012 Olympics. Susan and I will be rooting for many, many friends on Dorney Lake.

Coaching at Craftsbury

An Opportunity to View The Perfect Rower

16 May 2012

The Perfect Rower - An Opportunity to View

Recent Internet Postings

9 May 2012

A Virtual Visit to Henley

I am seizing the opportunity to again point all my friends to Göran Buckhorn's peerless rowing blog, Hear the Boat Sing, for a special entry from frequent contributor Tim Koch noting highlights of any visit to Henley-on-Thames. I would add my own encouragement for visitors to especially seek out the River & Rowing Museum and Richard Way Booksellers, each a stone's throw from the Henley Bridge.