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Rowing is Family

4 May 2012

Colin Porter

Yesterday I got a photo from one of my personal heroes, Colin Porter, revolutionary 1950s British rower, author and coach, a man of great imagination and curiosity, a valued friend and fellow member of the family of rowers worldwide. Here he is on the bank of the Swan River in Perth, Australia reading The Sport of Rowing.

And here is a bit of what he has recently written to me:

Dear Peter

The Collector Edition of your magnum opus arrived safe and sound, and I am already into Volume I.

Looking for oars in all the wrong places . . .

2 May 2012

Looking for oars in all the wrong places . . .

Please help. I am looking for several early 1970s-era Pocock sweep oars with Maçon shovel blades, clear plastic sleeves and adjustable plastic collars. Good condition would be nice, but I’m interested in any oars that are complete. Surely somebody has a pile of old oars behind their boathouse. If you do have some or know where I might find some, please contact me at Many thanks.

Individual Volumes

A Katie Story

28 March 2012

During the last couple of weeks I have been getting a ton of requests for another Philip story. Philip’s reaction? “No more, Dad. Please.”

But I have one more tale of rowing parenthood that begs to be retold, and Philip plays only a minor role, a spear-carrier in the chorus if you will, so perhaps he won’t mind if we proceed. I’ll tell it quickly.

Cosmic Rowing

16 March 2012

My good friend Evan Snyder of West End & St. Georges Rowing Club in Auckland, New Zealand recently wrote to me:

Dear Peter,

I want to tell you that I am thoroughly enjoying your four-volume compilation, The Sport of Rowing, which I had purchased and brought back to New Zealand with me just a few weeks ago. I am surprised they did not charge me for the extra weight!!

I am an avid single sculler, and there is so much information on sculling techniques and style and how both of these have evolved over time.

Vote for Jason Read!

5 March 2012

The following comes courtesy of Sean Colgan:

Dear fellow oarspeople (is that a word???)

In 1939 Joe Burk became the first, last and only oarsperson ever to win the Sullivan Award, which recognizes the highest ideals of an amateur athlete in the United States. Jason Read, a 2004 Olympic Gold Medalist in the Eight, 2011 Pan Am Gold Medalist in the Eight and a first responder in NYC on 11 September 2001, has been nominated this year.


Cleaning Out the Closet

29 February 2012

I look forward to seeing many friends at Mystic Seaport next weekend for the Hart Perry Reception Friday night, the Rowing History Forum during the day on Saturday and the National Rowing Foundation Hall of Fame Induction Dinner on Saturday evening.

A Few Collector Sets Still Available!

Individual Volumes Available

24 February 2012

Individual Volumes Available

A couple of weeks ago I cleared out the warehouse I have used to ship out The Sport of Rowing. In the time since, I have sold off every single standard set left in America, including the one on my son's shelf and even the one I was reading myself at the time. They're all gone.

I'm completely out of standard Volume IIs, but I do have seven Volume Is, eight Volume IIIs, and thirteen Volume IVs left over. Let me tell you some of the highlights in each:

Another Philip Story

17 February 2012

Okay, I'm on a roll. I have another Philip story.

The Willowy Sway of the Hands Away

16 February 2012

Last weekend at the What Works Summit in Boston someone asked the panel I was moderating what was the best way to teach a beginner to row. It got me to thinking of all the hundreds of people that I have taught over the years, but after I flashed a couple of photos onto the screen during my speech at the Cambridge Boat Club annual dinner later that night, I kept remembering one person in particular, my son, Philip.

Community Rowing Weekend

15 February 2012

What Works Summit

I spent last weekend at the What Works Summit at the Community Rowing boathouse in Boston. I had a terrific time, saw a bunch of old friends and made a bunch of new ones. I know I have already sent out info on this program, but you must forgive me if I do it again. There will be another edition next year, and I strongly recommend that you attend.

Institute of Rowing Leadership