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The Medium is the Massage

1 February 2012

In the next few days I have to teach a young man some new skills, so I thought I'd share some of the background with all of you.


Most good coaches recommend stretching, but not every one tells why it's such a good idea. Here is the simple short answer:

In Which I Paraphrase Erich Segal . . . Twice!

17 January 2012

"Rowing is Never Having to Say You're Sorry." - Erich Segal

I didn’t sleep very well last night. I was dreaming that I was having a conversation with some nameless coach I knew, no face, nobody specific, but he kept saying to me, I wish you hadn’t written about that year.


14 January 2012


I had my February dates wrong in yesterday's newsletter. I will be in Boston for the What Works Summit and the Cambridge Boat Club Annual Dinner on February 10, not February 18! So sorry.

Moving On!

12 January 2012

Now that The Sport of Rowing has basically sold out everywhere but at its publisher, the River & Rowing Museum in Henley, England, my work is nearly done, and I can start thinking of my next projects.

I am very pleased to have been invited by Matt Zatorski of Community Rowing, Inc. in Boston to participate in their upcoming What Works Summit (see below) on its final day, Saturday, February 18. In fact, the curriculum of CRI's ongoing Institute of Rowing Leadership is making extensive use of my book, and I will work hard to support this program every step of the way.

Power Read

27 December 2011

I recently received another email well worth sharing. I'll leave it unattributed as its message is universal:

Hi Pete,

I have set as my goal for my "winter break" week a complete reading of THE BOOK (all 4 volumes). I finished Volume1 in one day and hope to keep up that pace, to experience the work as a unit rather than in bits and pieces.

An Exchange of Bafflements

15 December 2011

All the orders for both the collector and standard editions have now been shipped, and I believe the various challenges we have encountered delivering to places UPS says don't exist in their computer, places from West Virginia to Slough to Lausanne to Warzawa to Viernheim to Wainoni have now been overcome. (Still don't have yours? Contact me immediately.

Thanks for Trusting in Me

16 November 2011

Worldwide internet sales of The Sport of Rowing have now come to an end. We are completely sold out! Both the collector and standard editions. I am truly humbled by the massive positive response from so many people in so many countries. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The Book is Back!

14 November 2011

After our October surprise of discovering all 500 standard sets of The Sport of Rowing printed with flawed covers, we are looking forward to November redemption in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. The books are all now back from the bindery, having been rebound with flawless new covers. In Henley, they will go on sale this Tuesday or Wednesday at Richard Way Booksellers and at the River & Rowing Museum. For the rest of the World, shipping from California will also commence this Tuesday. Tomorrow!

So the long wait is nearly over.

Back From Britain

5 November 2011

My wife Susan and I have just returned home to Los Angeles from our lovely trip to the Head of the Charles, to Florence, Italy and to Henley-on-Thames.

One of the high points of the trip for me was speaking at the Rowing History Forum at the River & Rowing Museum, just a short walk upstream from the Henley Bridge. Here is a short excerpt from the end of my presentation on how my book was conceived and took shape:

Good News and Bad News

17 October 2011

I have Good News and Bad News!

First the good news. Based on sales of the collector edition, The Sport of Rowing will be making contributions to support the rowing federations of eight countries. This Saturday afternoon at the U.S. National Team Alumni Reception and Reunion at the Head of the Charles, I will personally present a check for $5,959 to Gillian Perry of the National Rowing Foundation in memory of her husband, Hart.