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It's Arrived & It's HUGE!

12 October 2011

Here is just a small sampling of email responses I have received so far as the collector editions have begun to be delivered:

It's arrived & It's HUGE! Huge in size and huge in scope.

The Sport of Rowing arrived about twenty minutes ago. I must tell you that it has surpassed any of my expectations. And I expected a lot! It is simply stunning!

See You at the Head of the Charles

4 October 2011

As of this afternoon, most of the collector editions have now been shipped from California to nine countries as well as the United States. Standard editions will start shipping next week.

I have hand-delivered several collector copies to purchasers here in the Los Angeles area, and the response has been very rewarding for me. Writing tends to be primarily a solitary task, and so it is wonderful to be able to look at least some of my readers in the eye and receive their feedback directly.

Price Hike is Coming

28 September 2011

Printing is Complete!

5 September 2011

Many thanks for your continued interest and patience in waiting for the publication of The Sport of Rowing, 200 years of rowing history in four volumes. The printing of both editions has now been completed, and binding has begun. I expect to begin shipping copies in about three weeks, so the wait is almost over.

Standard Edition in Color!

Publishing Status Report

8 August 2011

Greetings after a couple of months of silence while I worked hard to complete the final draft of The Sport of Rowing. It ended up being 2,565 pages from the dedication to the end of the index. Special thanks to Mitch Orfuss and Tom Weil for their protean final reviews of the text. The manuscript was completed successfully and delivered to the printer in Pennsylvania several weeks ago. Both editions will be shipped to purchasers in less than two months!

Why Rowing Isn't a Game

5 June 2011

This will be my last newsletter for a while. It is time for the final push to finish reviewing the manuscript of my upcoming book before sending it to the printer. To those of you who have already purchased your copy of the limited collector edition or the standard edition, it will be shipped in early October. We are planning a party in Los Angeles as well as book-signings for the standard edition at the 2011 Head of the Charles and a week later at the River & Rowing Museum in Henley, so I have my work cut out for me.

Oil and Water

21 May 2011

In my newsletter a couple of weeks ago, I told you a story about an "out-of-boat experience" in 1965 that went bad for me and my coxswain friend Saul Berman. I don’t want to leave you with the impression that all we did was screw up. The following story from the 1966 Canadian Henley should balance things out a bit . . .

Only Two Places in a Race

9 May 2011

I have been telling people that I have been writing my new book, The Sport of Rowing, for seven years. It’s actually been more like 46 years. It goes back to a promise I made to myself in 1965 when I was rowing for Undine Barge Club in Philadelphia . . .

Life is a Metaphor for Rowing

30 April 2011

I have been spending this entire past week in Virginia mentoring the high school team that my son Philip helps coach when he is not at sea serving in the U.S. Navy. As I look into their fresh faces, I am reminded of why so many of us have spent a meaningful part of our lives trying to make boats go fast, and how that part of our lives has helped shape who we have become.

“Always remember, there’s more to life than rowing – but not much.”
– Don Beer, 1956 Yale University Olympic Champion Eight

Harry Parker and Joe Burk Side-By-Side

15 April 2011

As most of you know, every Monday there is an excerpt from my book on the row2k website. The last few weeks have dealt with legendary coach Harry Parker, now in his 49th season at Harvard University. Earlier in the book is a chapter about Harry’s sculling career under one of the greatest scullers of the 20th Century, innovative record-setting 1938-39 Diamond Sculls Champion Joe Burk. Here are some highlights: