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Calendar 2004-2015

The project to write what eventually became The Sport of Rowing began when our children left for college, and my wife suggested I find something new to occupy all the free time I would suddenly have. I picked up an 1897 British rowing text a friend had given us as a wedding present and found I couldn't put it down. The rest, as they say, is history.
Traveled to Boston for Head of the Charles, met with Monk Terry, Harry Parker, Tim McLaren, Buzz Congram, Hart Perry, Gardner Cadwalader.
Spent several days in the research library at Mystic Seaport.
In Princeton/Philadelphia area, met with Mike Teti, Tom Terhaar and Ted Nash.
Interviewed Don Breitenberg, Washington '49 concerning Al Ulbrickson.
Went out in launch with Steve Gladstone of University of California.
Met Christopher Dodd, Bill Miller, Hart Perry and Tom Weil, Directors of the Friends of Rowing History, in Mystic, Connecticut.
Met with and interviewed Thor Nilsen, Mike Spracklen, Alan Roaf, Volker Nolte and a host of other coaches at the RCA Coaches' Conference in Ontario.
Met with Anita deFrantz, Joan Lind, Rick Clothier, Zenon Babraj, Stan Bergman, Lou Lindsey, Conn Findlay and Kent Mitchell at the San Diego Crew Classic.
Met with Joe Burk at his winter home in Tucson.
Met with Historian Chuck von Wrangell at the Women's Eastern Sprints.
Traveled to Seattle to meet with historian John Lundin, grandson of a member of the 1897
IRA-champion Cornell crew, coaches Charlie McIntyre, Stan Pocock, Frank Cunningham and Bob Ernst, members of the 1948 Washington Varsity and Jayvee crews, Conal Groom of Pocock Rowing Center, 2004 Olympians Volpenhein, and Bill Tytus of Pocock Racing Shells.
Traveled to Boston during the Head of the Charles to interview 1968 Olympic Stroke Steve Brooks, 1972 Olympic Stroke Monk Terry, members of Harvard crews of the 1960s and 1970s, and members of the current Harvard crews and coaching staff. Then traveled to Indianapolis to search the USRA film and print archives.
Met for breakfast with Bill Stowe and Stan Cwiklinski of the 1964 Olympic Champion Vesper Boat Club Eight. Stan and his wife, Lisa, had recently moved to San Diego, California, and they have since become good friends.
Traveled to the Olympic Training Center to go out in the launch with Ted Nash of Penn A.C. and meet with Kris Korzeniowski and Laurel Korholz of the U.S. National Team.
Traveled to the East Coast and did some research at the Princeton University Library and met with Curtis Jordan and Lori Dauphiny of Princeton, Lyman Perry of the 1960 Naval Academy Olympic Eight, Stan Bergman, Seth Brennan, Mike Irwin, Chris Simon and Barb Kirsch Grut of Penn, Charles von Wrangell of the 1948 Cornell Crew, Ed Hewitt of, Jason Read of the 2004 U.S. Olympic Crew, John Pescatore and Dave Vogel of Yale, and Bill Miller, Hart Perry, Tom Weil and Christopher Dodd of the Friends of Rowing History. I then spent two days doing research in Tom Weil's magnificent archive of rowing books, periodicals and artifacts.
At the San Diego Crew Classic I met with Jason Read from the 2004 U.S. Olympic Champion
Eight, Cal Coach Steve Gladstone, Long Beach Scullers John Nunn, John Van Blom and Joan
Lind Van Blom. I interviewed Lou Lindsey, coach of the 1960 U.S. Olympic Eight, and Sebastian Bea, stroke of the 2000 U.S. Olympic Silver medal Pair.
Spent the day at the Cal Boathouse with Steve Gladstone and his Cal Varsity two days before they left for the IRAs, which they won.
Joined the 1956 Yale Olympic Champion Crew at their 50th Reunion in New London. Went for a row with them at Gales Ferry, and stayed to watch the Yale-Harvard Race.
My wife and I visited Irmgard, the widow of Herman Beasley, at her home along the Siuslaw River in Oregon. A friend for thirty years, Herman had entrusted his rowing film collection and his notes to me so that I could ensure that they would be preserved fro future generations of rowers and coaches.
Went out in the launch with Tom Terhaar as he coached the U.S. Women's National Team at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, CA.
Attended the Eastern Sprints in Worcester, Massachusetts, paying my respects, speaking to coaches on behalf of the San Diego Crew Classic and making contacts with sources from Northeastern University.
Spent several hours reminiscing with Tom McKibbon, 1969 European Doubles Champion and
coach of the great Long Beach Rowing Association woman scullers of the 1970s.
Renewed old friendships and made new ones at the Friends of Rowing History Forum at Mystic Seaport. Christopher Dodd has agreed to help me gain additional access in Great Britain. He and Tom Wiel, perhaps the world's leading authority on rowing history, will review the text in its current form as the book project approaches conclusion.
I again went out in the launch with University of California Coach Steve Gladstone and spent a morning with California Rowing Club Coach Tim McLaren, former Australian Olympic Medalist Sculler and Olympic Champion Coach.
I rowed in the 1968 U.S. Olympic Eight from Harvard University on the occasion of their 40th Reunion. I got to experience first-hand the famous Harry Parker "Stop 'n Shop" Technique. They treated my wife and I like family and we are most grateful.
6.30.08 - 7.9.08
I made a trip to the Henley Royal Regatta with the encouragement of rowing journalist Chris Dodd and Henley steward Hart Perry. Both went out of their way to open doors for me and guide me through them. I interviewed Matthew Pinsent, Steve Redgrave, 1977 World Doubles Champion Chris Baillieu, Oxford Boat Race Coach Dan Topolski and 1956 Cambridge Blue John Hall-Craggs. I met in person for the first time Diana Cook of Richard Way Booksellers in Henley, who has been most helpful in locating reference materials and arranging introductions. I met Angelo Savarino, coach of Newcastle University, who has been most helpful to me in researching the chapter on Italian rowing.
After the regatta ended, I spent two days at Eton College with their coach, Alex Henshilwood. He showed me where sport rowing was born, and it all looks remarkably unchanged in 200 years. He also showed me their new rowing facility, Dorney Lake, on the grounds of the college, which will host the rowing events of the 2012 Olympics.
Traveled to the East Coast to do research and consult with Tom Weil and Hart Perry and to
interview 1984 American Olympic Single Sculler John Biglow and U.S. World Champion Coxswain
Seth Bauer.
Interviewed and recorded the force curve of Mark Hunter, stroke of the 2008 British Olympic
Champion Lightweight Men's Double.
Met with and recorded force curves of 1960 Olympic Bronze Medalist Coxed-Pair Stroke Dick
Draeger, 1964 Olympic Champion Coxed-Pair Bow-man Ed Ferry, 1967 Thames Cup Champion
Stroke Chris Williams and 1969 European Champion Coxless-Pair Larry Hough and Tony
Johnson at the IRA Regatta in Sacramento.
Met with 1966 World Singles Champion Don Spero, 1964 Olympic Coxed-Pair Bow-man Jim
Edmonds and 1964 Olympic Champion Eights Coach Allen Rosenberg at Potomac Boat Club in
Washington, DC.
Met with and recorded the force curves of 1967 Pan Am Champion Coxed-Pair Stroke Gardner
Cadwalader, 1974 World Champion Lightweight Men's Single Sculler Bill Belden, 1976 Olympic
Coxless-Pair Bow-man Mike Staines, John Riley from the 1986 World Champion Coxless-Four,
Dave Krmpotich from the 1988 Olympic Silver Medal Coxless-Four, 1995 World Champion Men's
Eight Stroke Fred Honebein, 1995 World Champion Women's Eight Bow Annie Kakela, 1996
Olympic Champion Dutch Men's Eight 3-man Michiel Bartman and 2004 World Champion Men's
Eight 5-man Matt Deakin at the University of Pennsylvania boathouse in Philadelphia.
Met with Bob Ernst, University of Washington Head Coach for 35 years now, Charles Minett, 2003
Washington Captain, Lucius Biglow, father of 1981-2 World Bronze Medalist Single sculler John
Biglow, John Lundin, grandson and biographer of Mark Odell, Washington volunteer coach before
Hiram Conibear, Theo Mittet, bow-man of the 1964 Lake Washington Olympic Bronze Medal
Coxless-Four, Rod Johnson, 7-man of the 1948 Washington IRA Champion Varsity, Bob Will,
2-man of the 1948 Washington Olympic champion Coxed-Four, Chuck Alm, 5-man and Captain,
and John Bisset, coxswain of the 1958 Washington Varsity that won in Moscow, Paul Enquist, bow
of the 1984 USA Olympic Gold Medal Double, Carl Lovsted, bow of the 1952 Washington Olympic
Bronze Medal Coxed-Four, Kathy Whitman, longtime Green Lake Coach and coach of the 1978
USA Junior Women's Eight, John Sayre, stroke of the 1958 Washington Varsity in Moscow and
stroke of the 1960 Lake Washington Olympic Gold Medal Coxless-Four, Frank Cunningham,
stroke of the 1947 Harvard Lake Washington Regatta Champion Varsity as well as author,
philosopher and Seattle coach for the past half-century, Dewitt Whitman, longtime Green Lake
Coach and husband to Kathy, Len O'Donnell, working on a film documentary on the 1958
Washington Moscow Varsity.
Hosted Tony Popplewell and Alex Clark of the 1964 New Zealand Olympic Eight at our home in
Los Angeles.
Attended the USRA Annual Convention and met with Tiff Wood, Jim Dietz, Tim McLaren, Pete
Cippolone, Michiel Bartmann from Netherlands, Bo Hanson from Australia, Ed Hewitt from and his wife Lori Dauphiny, Princeton women's coach, and many others.
Interviewed Canadian Olympic Champion Kathleen Heddle over the phone.
Interviewed 1964 Olympic Bronze Medalist U.S. Double Sculler Jim Storm over the phone.
I was thrilled and honored to row with and make a presentation to the 50th Reunion of the 1960
Annapolis Olympic Eight.
My wife and I stopped in Princeton, New Jersey to have lunch with Tom Terhaar, U.S. Women's National Coach, Jen Dore Terhaar, Stroke of the 1995 World Champion U.S. Women's Eight, Lori Dauphiny, Princeton University Women's Coach, and Ed Hewitt, the man behind
I interviewed Canadian Derek Porter.
I spent a delightful hour on the phone interviewing Canada's Silken Laumann. She was
enormously forthcoming about her injury and subsequent recovery prior to the 1992 Olympics.
Attended the World Rowing Championships on Lake Karaprio in New Zealand. Met with Agostino Abbagnale, Melk Bürgin, Rebecca Caroe and Grant Craies, Howard and Darren Croker, Anita de Frantz, Mahe Drysdale, Tim Foster, Kath Grainger and Anna Bebbington Watkins, Jürgen Grobler, Fred Honebein and Annie Kakela, Mark Hunter and Zac Purchase, Kris Korzeniowski, Jutta Lau, Elia Luini, Tim McLaren, Bill Miller, Al Morrow, Tony Popplewell, Jason Read and Bryan Volpenhein, Jean-Christophe Rolland, Matt Smith of FISA, Luka Spik and Miloš Janša from VK Bled, Mike Spracklen, Dudley Storey, Ondrej Synek, Tom Terhaar, Paul Thompson, Dan Topolski, Olaf Tufte, Wybo Veldman and a host of others. Needless to say, my wife and I had a wonderful time, and I will be processing the information I collected for several months.
Attended the World Rowing Coaches Conference in Eton/Slough in Great Britain. Met several important people for the first time including John Boultbee, Hartmut Buschbacher, Beppe de Capua, Noel Donaldsen, Bruce Grainger, Valery Kleshnev, Martin McElroy, Rene Mijnders, Denis Oswald, Tricia Smith, Peter Spurrier and Henk-Jan Zwolle. I also reconnected with lots of old friends. This was my last fact-finding trip.
Meet and greet at the Head of the Charles.
Spoke at the Rowing History Forum at the River & Rowing Museum in Henley-on-Thames.
USRowing Golden Oars Banquet in New York.
Power Ten Banquet in New York.
Featured speaker at the Cambridge Boat Club Annual Dinner in Massachusetts.
Final standard edition in U.S. sold.
Friends of Rowing History Forum in Mystic Connecticut.
National Rowing Foundation Hall of Fame Induction in Mystic Connecticut.
Presentation of a collector set to British Head Coach Jürgen Grobler at a dinner at the River & Rowing Museum in Henley-on-Thames.
Olympic Rowing on Dorney Lake.
Coaching at Craftsbury Sculling Center, Vermont.
Men's Head Rowing Coach at Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles.