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By pmallory - Posted on 03 April 2013

27 January 2013

Isn’t this terrific! Today I get to write about two of my favorite rowing websites, three actually because I kind of like my own website as well.

The first website is British Rowperfect. Go to, and then sign up for their newsletter. The brains behind all this is Becky Caroe, and she isn’t in Britain at all. She’s on the South Island of New Zealand, and wherever they come from, her newsletters do it all: interesting discussions, book and video reviews, coaching tips, guest contributors, always something to sink your teeth into. Makes you glad to be part of the rowing family.

Anyway, Becky recently had a contest to name the world’s best rowing blogs in a number of categories, and I ended up runner-up in the Rowing History category to Well, that was a no brainer! I just blog occasionally for fun, yours and mine, I hope. Gӧran Buckhorn and his inner circle, including Greg Denieffe, Tim Koch, Philip Kuepper, Louis Petrin and Hélène Rémond, post something truly significant and absolutely fascinating virtually every day, all with the unmistakable smell of spar varnish and the warmth of old friends, rising riverbanks and fondly-remembered sunsets. Hear the Boat Sing set the standard in tone, respect for the past, oddball characters, humor, poetry and insight that I sought to match in The Sport of Rowing. I am honored that my current musings are mentioned in the same breath as those of my good friends over at Hear the Boat Sing.

Becky’s description of my newsletter: “Rowing Evolution - written and developed by Peter Mallory while researching and writing his magnum opus, The Sport of Rowing. Peter’s enormous erudition in the technique of rowing and sculling as it developed over the years shines through. Peter sends blog updates in a newsletter format including original photographs. He’s recently moved into coaching and so many of the updates are less ‘historic’ but by no means less interesting.”

And all my newsletters are archived at my own website, I don’t have the ability to reproduce the images that accompanied the original emailed newsletters, but the words are all there.

And soon these words will end up there as well. Becky, Gӧran, I bask in your reflected glory.

My Own Contest Continues

A couple of months ago I asked my readers to try to identify all the individuals pictured in this collage of rowers and scullers [sadly missing in this archived copy].

Nobody got them all, but one fellow in Australia got pretty close. Here is the second half of the contest: [also sadyl missing]

Those of you who have a collector edition of The Sport of Rowing will recognize these collages from inside the front and back covers of each volume, but not every image included above actually made it into the text of the book in its final form. That's the challenge.

Extra credit if you are one of the athletes pictured.

Good luck. The winner will get some sort of prize.