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By pmallory - Posted on 03 April 2013

26 March 2013

Remember my contest to identify all the pictures in my rowing history collage?

Here are the correct answers:

Row 1: Sylvester Rice, John Biglin, Charles Courtney Pump-Handle Stroke, Janus Ooms, Ralph Treadway, William H. Howell, Steve Fairbairn, Gilbert Bourne (self portrait), Ran Laurie, Gerd Vӧls

Row 2: Kerry Ashby, Tom Neumeier, Yuri Tyukalov, Harry Parker, Sy Cromwell, Boyce Budd, Ian Gardiner, Curt Canning, Jim Dietz, Dick Cashin

Row 3: Carie Graves, Joan Lind, Mike Hart, Cal Coffey, Alf Hansen, Peter Michael Kolbe, Pertti Karppinen, Anke Borchmann-Gruenberg, Giuseppe Abbagnale, John Biglow

Row 4: Paul Enquist, Andy Sudduth, Peter Antonie, Anne Marden, Silken Laumann, Peter Haining, Thomas Lange, Steve Redgrave, Jennifer Dore, Kathleen Heddle

Row 5: Xeno Müller, Ekaterina Karsten, James Tomkins, Sarah Garner, Jamie Koven, Chris Ahrens, Rumyana Neykova, Iztok Čop, Viorica Susanu, Matthew Pinsent

Row 6: Jason Read, Laurel Korholz, Bryan Volpenhein, Drew Ginn, Marit Van Eupen, Zhang Yangyang, Mahe Drysdale, Michelle Guerette, Mark Hunter, Georgina Evers-Swindell

And the winner is Evan Snyder, loyal member of St. George’s and West End Rowing Clubs in Auckland, New Zealand. Congratulations to Evan. This was a really hard test. Even if you had a copy of my book, not all of these images made it into the final printing, and though each individual shown is a significant contributor to rowing history, a couple of these photos have never been published.

Many thanks to everyone who gave it a go. Evan will receive a rare copy, now out of print, of my memoir called An Out-of-Boat Experience.