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By pmallory - Posted on 05 December 2014

4 December 2014

Recently posted by Göran R. Buckhorn on his blog: Hear the Boat Sing:

I’m sure most of you already know that the name of this peerless award-winning website comes from Steve Fairbairn’s The Oarsman’s Song:

All through the swing he hears the boat sing
As she glides on her flying track,
And he gathers aft to strike the craft
With a ringing bell-note crack.

"Hear the Boat Sing - This blog covers all aspects of the rich history of rowing, as a sport, culture phenomenon, a life style, and a necessary element to keep your wit and stay sane."


From Ed Hewitt on


From Rebecca Caroe on Rowperfect UK:


From my good friend, Mike Totta:

Hi Peter,

Downloading Fairbairn on Rowing as I type - I figured out how to download the book despite having an iPhone and not a Kindle. There is a Kindle app that is free in the iTunes store - download that (even a technomoron like me can do that!) to the phone, and you can purchase the book and then have it downloaded directly to your phone. The downside is having to read it on a small screen, but the upside is that you can read it anytime you have a few extra minutes because most of us have our cell phones with us constantly! I enjoyed reading the intro and look forward to the rest. Feel free to pass this revelation on to any other numbskulls like me who inquire.

Have a great Holiday!

Best regards,


PS - The download is complete . . .

If you prefer, the new eBook Edition of Fairbairn on Rowing is actually available as a .pdf from the publisher, Rowperfect UK. Follow the link above.