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By pmallory - Posted on 20 June 2012

5 February 2011

During the last two days, my thoughts have repeatedly returned to my great friend and distinguished citizen of world rowing, Hart Perry, who has so recently left us. Just two weeks ago (see previous blog entry) Hart and I were chatting about my upcoming book, neither of us knowing that it would be our last conversation. I am pleased that my book will soon make a small contribution to keeping Hart's memory alive.

I am reminded that the great thing for me about my new book is that I have gotten to know some terrific people. People like Hart Perry. The great thing for you is that I bring you along, like together we’re having a series of fascinating personal conversations with the heroes of our sport. It has been a comfort to me to find out that Olympians put their pants on one leg at a time. They’re not like me exactly, I was never a truly great rower, but I had my hopes and my dreams and my good days and my bad days. It has made me respect even more those who made our rowing history to discover that they had their good days and bad days, too.

So let’s begin having regular conversations about my new book, available in October. I have been living this book project for nearly seven years, and now that it is close to the end and I am brainstorming with my team of dedicated volunteers, the ideas are coming thick and fast.

I am especially excited about the limited collector’s edition. The illustrations will be in full color, just as you see them in the various excerpts on the web, and that makes a HUGE difference. But most exciting for me is that there will only be a single very limited hard-bound print run of this special edition, and I will contact each of you and get to know something about you before I personally number your copy and then sign and dedicate it according to your wishes. All my efforts over all these years have been on your behalf, and I will want to thank each of you individually and in print for inviting my book onto your library shelves. Those of you who reserve their collector copy prior to publication will be listed as subscribers in the text of both editions.

The cost of the collector edition has not yet been set, but of course it will be higher than the regular edition. All of us will be working night and day between now and October to make sure that it will be well worth your investment. I encourage you to sign up without delay at to reserve a low number for your copy. And remember, when they run out, no more will ever be printed. That is my promise to you.

I should mention that all the net proceeds of both the regular and collector editions will go not to me or to my team but to various rowing charities, including those in your country of residence. All my time and effort and all of my expenses, including my substantial travel, will be my gift to the world rowing community which has been my extended family for the last fifty-two years.

On this Monday, February 7, the next excerpt from the book will appear on . It is another installment of my series on women's rowing, this time the special story of the U.S. sweep women in the 1990s under Coach Hartmut Buschbacher. The 2008 Olympic Gold Medal won by the American women's eight in Beijing can be traced back directly to the extraordinary efforts of Hartmut and his athletes prior to Atlanta and Sydney.

And I'll keep sending out regular newsletters while we put the finishing touches to our four-volume manuscript. Check out the various web excerpts and my blog, and if you have any questions or comments on absolutely anything, please contact our website, or you can reach me directly at

Many thanks,

Peter Mallory

p. s. For athletes and coaches who still wish to make additional contributions or corrections, time is runnning out. Please contact me as soon as possible. Your participation will always be the very life blood of this book.