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By pmallory - Posted on 20 June 2012

12 October 2011

Here is just a small sampling of email responses I have received so far as the collector editions have begun to be delivered:

It's arrived & It's HUGE! Huge in size and huge in scope.

The Sport of Rowing arrived about twenty minutes ago. I must tell you that it has surpassed any of my expectations. And I expected a lot! It is simply stunning!

Phenomenal! I will truly enjoy reading this, and I feel honored and privileged to have the opportunity to learn everything about this sport in one publication. This was much needed, and I truly appreciate all your hard work and dedication.

Holy ****! UPS delivered a box today, and Sally said it was for me and it was heavy. I had just got back from seeing a surgeon to check out my hernia, so Sally wouldn't let me touch the box. She picked it up and brought it in, and she nearly got a hernia! We opened the box and there was the tome, TSOR. Magnificent! Well done!

Unbelievable! You did it! Congratulations, Peter.

I got my books, and I am so happy to have them. They really are a beautiful and thoughtful history of a sport that I really do love. Thanks for the work you did to get all of the information together. I will always cherish these books.

The Sport of Rowing! What a magnificent contribution to the corpus! Your years of effort are well reflected, and you and your production team have produced a monument to the sport. Well done!

They are beautiful, so much more than I expected. I will have a few weeks to peruse them before wrapping them up for Christmas for my son and grandson.

Congratulations! I can't wait to start. Many thanks to you.

Just reading the index was overwhelming. I need to thank you so much. I am going to enjoy thumbing my way through, which will take ages as it such a large work. It is absolutely a first-class production. It is a great credit to you to have the vision and now to see the end result.

Now I know why it took so many years of dedicated work! I hadn’t a clue of how large it would be! I will have fun walking down memory lane with all the others like me.

The UPS man puffed into the shop with red checks and bulging eyes, and as I tore into it, I realized it was the Codex itself, and the anticipation was like that of a new baby. Actually I scooted around to find out what the new baby weighs but couldn’t find scales. Anyway, I expect the proud father knows very well what it weighs and how many words and the rest of it. But it is a very bonny package indeed, and made the journey in fine fettle, falling out of the box & into my world in excellent condition. Superlative!

It is a true doorstopper in size but not at all intimidating, as it is going to be easy to get involved and turn page over page over page. Hmm, even has a decent looking index. Thank God for that! I do like the illustrations. Have not had time to digest further but wanted you to know. Thank you. Thank you for doing it in the first place, and thank you for all that work and what that entails.

Tom and Bill - I see that you did not subscribe to the collector edition. Come over to my house and see this amazing 2,500-page set of four books! I think there are some standard editions still remaining.

There are no words to express how fantastic this four-volume set is. It is amazing and so wonderful!!!! I cannot even imagine how much work you put into this. Thank you for completing this Herculean task. It is so well done. I will treasure this for the rest of my life.

Well, all I can say in response is that for my book to receive such a warm reception after seven long years of hard work, I just couldn't be more content and satisfied. Thanks to you all. You are my family.

Standard Editions to Begin Shipping on Friday, October 14

Standard editions begin shipping in just a few more days. I promise they will be well worth the wait. Inside and outside, they are identical to the collector edition.

And I am pleased to report they are going fast!

I look forward to seeing some of you at the Sew Sporty Tent at the Head of the Charles in Boston on October 22 and 23 and others at the River & Rowing Museum in Henley on October 29.

And keep the feedback coming!