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By pmallory - Posted on 20 June 2012

9 May 2012

A Virtual Visit to Henley

I am seizing the opportunity to again point all my friends to Göran Buckhorn's peerless rowing blog, Hear the Boat Sing, for a special entry from frequent contributor Tim Koch noting highlights of any visit to Henley-on-Thames. I would add my own encouragement for visitors to especially seek out the River & Rowing Museum and Richard Way Booksellers, each a stone's throw from the Henley Bridge.

I would only add a short walk to Barn Cottage, a doll's house which played a huge roll in 1950s British rowing, now haunted by sentimental ghosts. It is just up Remenham Lane, right behind the Stewards' Enclosure. It is clearly visible amidst a few trees on Google Maps. Switch to Street View. Diana Cook at Richard Way Booksellers can point the way.

While you are at Hear the Boat Sing, 1) bookmark the site! and 2) scroll down to recent postings on Chris Dodd's cracking new book, Pieces of Eight, a must-read for all, and then keep going. Every entry is fascinating.

Incidentally, Göran, my research showed Jack Beresford to be 5'10" in his prime, so I'm guessing Wally Kinnear had shrunk a bit before that photo was taken.

Let me also add to one of Göran's recommendations. If you do not yet have a copy of Dan Boyne's Kelly: A Father, A Son, An American Quest, order one of the new soft cover editions. Fascinating subject. Fascinating book.

Pennsylvania Gazette

An internet posting from the University of Pennsylvania alumni magazine: