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By pmallory - Posted on 26 November 2012

23 November 2012

I continue to get inquiries from around the world concerning my recent book, The Sport of Rowing, especially with Christmas coming.

“I’ve heard about it. What’s the big deal?” Go to and click on the Reviews tab. I will let others speak on behalf on my four-volume 2,500 page work. You can also read selected portions on the website at the Excerpts tab and then make up your own mind.

“Will there be another printing?” No. So sorry.

“Are there any standard sets left?” Yes, a few, all in Great Britain. Go to the British Rowperfect Website at and navigate the menu. It will say “UK CUSTOMERS ONLY” because it is very cumbersome and expensive to ship 25 pounds / 11 kilos of books around the world, but I bet that non-Brits might be able to work something out if you emailed and begged. Be prepared. It won't be cheap. You may also explore the only two other alternatives, also in Britain, by emailing Diana Cook at Richard Way Bookseller in Henley at or by going to the website of my publisher, the River & Rowing Museum in Henley,, clicking on Visit and then Shop and contacting them via the email address at the bottom.

“Are there any Limited Collector Editions left?” Yes. There are still available a very few sets that were held back by the publisher last year. They will be released in return for a U.S. tax deductible charitable contribution of $5,000 US or equivalent going to the River & Rowing Museum to further their great works preserving our rowing heritage. There will also be a number of fringe benefits extended to a generous and valued donor such as yourself. Email me at if you have any questions.

Thanks to the thoughtfulness of a number of generous alumni, the libraries of several great American educational institutions already have The Sport of Rowing in their collections. The list includes Kent School and Yale University, both close to my heart, but does not include many others, including my college alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania, and I can’t quite believe that my many good friends among Harvard University alums would tolerate for one minute longer the Yale Library having a set and not the Harvard Library. Remember, every Limited Collector Edition is individually numbered, signed and appropriately dedicated by me.

“Oh, my! What other choices do I have?” Well, I just checked my closet, and I still have a few individual volumes left:

3 collector copies of Volume III

2 standard copies of Volume I
1 standard copy of Volume III
5 standard copies of Volume IV
No volume IIs of either type, I’m afraid.

I’ll sell each of these individual volumes, first come, first served until they’re gone, for $100 US plus shipping. I will sign and dedicate each one. All proceeds go not to me but to the River & Rowing Museum. Email me at

“What is in each volume?” Amazing images, full color throughout, great stories, many told for the first time, the teaching of history's great coaches in their own words, original research and careful analysis of the technique of the great crews of every era going back to the dawn of rowing as sport. To help you make your selection, the Table of Contents and the Index may be found at the Excerpts tab at

(The first person to correctly identify every single one of the above rowers and scullers [sadly, not visible on this website version of my newsletter] will get a prize. I'll announce the winner in the next newsletter.)

Every volume is a labor of love, a gift from me to the world rowing community, but frankly I’m astonished that I still have any copies at all left of Volume IV. It contains the Epilogue, nearly 200 pages of the lessons to be learned from two centuries of rowing history, plus an extensive Bibliography and Glossary. Check out the Table of Contents. The Institute for Rowing Leadership at Community Rowing in Boston uses my Epilogue as one of its texts!

To all of you Santa’s helpers, my book is hardly a stocking stuffer . . . unless you have a very big stocking, but I think any of these gift options would make both giver and receiver very happy this holiday season. But don’t take my word for it. Find somebody who already has a set and ask them what they think of The Sport of Rowing.

AND . . . I’m serious. Go to the Reviews tab at, and be prepared to be impressed.